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Zenlayer’s Edge Solution Case Study Featured in the NASSCOM Report

Aug 10, 2021: Zenlayer, a leading global edge cloud services provider, is delighted to announce that it is featured in NASSCOM’s recently published industry report titled, ‘The Edge is Where the Business Is- A Compendium of Edge Computing Case Studies.’ NASSCOM reports are reputed to deliver relevant content on business developments, technological changes and overall scenario that are the changing the landscape of the technology industry. This report highlights the role of Indian technology companies in enabling edge solutions that transform digital experience, enhance utilization, among various other benefits.


Zenlayer enabled a leading mobile game publisher to deploy applications in edge locations quickly through a combination of Bare Metal Cloud and Edge Data Center Services. Zenlayer helped them reduce latency and packet loss and delivered an enhanced digital user experience through an easily scalable edge solution that meets a sudden spike in bandwidth demand. Following the first deployments in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, the customer expanded their services to 15 countries spanning Asia (with significant deployments in India), North America, South America, and Europe.


“We are honored to be featured in the NASSCOM’s collection of case studies on edge deployments.” commented Amit Singh, Managing Director of Zenlayer India,” This feature by India’s premier advocacy group is a testimony to Zenlayer’s proven success in enabling our customers through industry-leading solutions. We look forward to continuously support our clients, as we help them deliver an impeccable digital experience to their users through our innovative edge cloud offerings.”


Sharing more about the case study, David Xie, Chief Product Officer of Zenlayer, added, “Leveraging a combination of Zenlayer’s Bare Metal Cloud and Edge Data Center Services, our customer has accomplished their objective of creating a truly immersive gameplay for millions of competitive gamers all over the world. Using our solution, the application was delivered to over 90 million players worldwide. Our customer success being featured in NASSCOM’s report is a proud moment for our team, and it encourages us to continue bringing value to our customers.”


Zenlayer offers a seamless digital experience through its portfolio of offerings, including Content Delivery Network (CDN), Cloud Networking, Bare Metal Cloud, Edge Data Centre services, and more. Zenlayer has been actively catering Edge solutions to customers across geographies, backed by Zenlayer’s expertise in communication protocols, servers, micro-services, edge processing, among others. Zenlayer recently launched Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA), a ground-breaking PaaS service that enhances interactive digital experiences for businesses serving globally distributed users. With ZGA, Businesses can now instantly accelerate applications, websites, platforms, and software without provisioning or managing any infrastructure.