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Viewsonic targeting major market share in North India’s display market

19th July, 2021: In today’s times, when majority time of the day of individuals is spent behind display screens, whether they are phone displays or LED displays, viewsonic is trying to make a major comeback in the display segment. With aggressive sales team, defined with specific roles and targets looking after LED and LFD business of Viewsonic, company is targeting majority share in the channel and corporate market of North India.

One more reason of increasing market share of viewsonic can be shortage of LED’s of other brands in the market. Some reliable sources suggest majority LED and LCD brands like Samsung, Dell, LG and Benq are facing shortage of screens across the state. Prices of monitors have gone up by more than 15% for some brands. In times like these viewsonic should capitalize the opportunity offered by the shortage of screens in the IT market across the country.

Using proper sales techniques and channel marketing campaigns they can reach their customers and penetrate the IT channel market like no one else ever has. They will definitely capture the IT channel market with their wide range of display products.