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Velvu launches Battery Backup SMPS – One SMPS many use

September, 2020: One of the leading surveillance products manufacturing brands of North India has introduced a new multiple use product called Battery Backup SMPS. Velvu distributed by Star Tech Computer and Security in India has been catering to the surveillance and IT channel of North and Central India since a long time now. This SMPS is a multi-use SMPS where you get output for Camera, DVR and Router and provide backup to them by using a 12v7.2ah battery. It is the perfect mix of innovation with technology at a very effective price. It is available in 2 variants, one is for 4 cameras other is for 8 cameras and come with 2 years warranty. This product is one of its kind and has been unexplored and has a huge potential in IT and Surveillance channel of India.
Battery is optional and does not come inside the box with Battery Backup SMPS. Saket Kabra from Velvu said “Design of this SMPS is compact and can be easily wall mounted as per requirements. This product may turn out to be a breaking point in the surveillance sector of India. While we have been manufacturing adapters, multiple variety of SMPS and PoE switches, we are also exploring other innovative products for the surveillance industry. ”