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Tenda launches all new TX3 AND RX3 High speed Wi-Fi 6 Router in India

~ TX3/RX3 is a router in Wi-Fi 6 standard with a dual-band transmission up to 1800 Mbps~

New Delhi, India: October 7, 2021: Tenda, the global leader in wireless router and networking devices launches its all-new TX3/RX3 Smart Wi-Fi 6 Router in India. The introduction of a new router is an extension to its existing portfolio; it will strengthen Tenda’s existing smart Wi-Fi 6 router line-up of Tenda while providing secure, reliable, and blazing fast Wi-Fi speeds.

Tenda TX3/RX3 is a Wi-Fi 6 router with a dual-band broadcasting band, with data transfers up to 1775 Mbps (574 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 1201 Mbps in 5 GHz). The device is equipped with a quad-core processor and a combination of MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology, for efficient experience to many customers at the same time.

TX3/RX3 not only work very well in a typical home, but also as part of Smart Home systems. In addition, the TX3/RX3 is equipped with a dedicated 5Ghz WLAN signal power amplification circuit, ensuring improved stability when transmitting over longer distances.

What’s more, thanks to the 1024-QAM modulation, the symbol carries 10 instead of 8 bits, which allows for speeds up to 25% higher than those achieved with 256-QAM modulation in the 802.11ac standard. Devices also support beamforming technique and multi-layer data transmission as part of the BSS colouring technology, which minimizes the risk of negative interference of radio waves on data transmission, resulting in higher connection stability.

TWT, on the other hand, reduces energy consumption by actively managing standby for unused devices. The whole thing is complemented by support for the WPA3 protocol and the ability to remotely control the router from the level of the mobile application.

Speaking on the launch, John Dong, Director, Tenda India commented “We at Tenda trust in creating and conveying best expectations of developments and innovation through our determined endeavours. With the dispatch of RX3/TX3 Wi-Fi 6  Router, we are carrying present day innovative headways to the Indian market. Tenda RX3/TX3 intended to meet all fundamentals WiFi standards for small offices and high speed online gamers.”

At A Glance

•                    AX1800 WiFi 6, speeds up to 1.8 Gbps.

•                    1x GE WAN port, 3x GE LAN ports.

•                    Low latency, high efficiency, fast speed

•                    Quad-core processor;

•                    Easy browser-based setup/Tenda Wifi App-based setup

•                    WPA3 Security;

•                    Support up to 800Mbps over WiFi;

•                    Coverage up to 1,300 sq ft

Product Highlight:

1. Efficient and Fast Wi-Fi; (AX1800)

Featured BSS Coloring, Tenda TX3 makes good use of the available spectrum to reduce interference and increase the efficiency of Wi-Fi. In addition, TX3 adopts MU-MIMO, OFDMA and 1024QAM to significantly improve network performance and efficiency for sharing your bandwidth among many devices concurrently, making it a good option for simultaneous streaming, gaming and social networking. It is capable of supporting up to 800Mbps over WiFi.

2. Powerful Quad-core CPU;

The Tenda TX3 is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, making it more than capable enough for the dozens of devices you likely have in your home.  We tested 30-32 devices in the laboratory, and there was no lag in watching videos and browsing the web at the same time.

3. Extensive and consistent Coverage;

Empowered by beamforming technology, built-in FEM, and four high gain 6dBi antennas, TX3/RX3 provides you with wide and stable connectivity.

4. Energy Saving;

Target Wake-up Time technology (TWT) helps Wi-Fi-enabled device to conserve power, as it means the Wi-Fi radio can spend more time in sleep mode, thus It prolongs the battery life of the devices, and also contributes to environment protection.

5. More Secure Network with WPA3

TX3/RX3 comes with the latest security protocol WPA3 that aims to improve authentication and encryption while making connections even easier.

6. Easy browser-based setup/Tenda Wifi App-based setup.

Wi-Fi status can be monitored remotely on Tenda Wifi APP, which facilitates the real-time monitoring of routers

Pricing and Availability:

Tenda TX3  is available through Amazon.in at a price of 6999/– and RX3 is available through flipkart.in at an price of  6199/- across India.