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SYNEGRA inaugurates one more new state-of-the-art SMT line at its production unit Goa

Unveils NXT III Machine, a highly productive, multi-functional modular placing machine

Mumbai India, 21st June 2022:  SYNEGRA EMS Ltd. is a subsidy of SMARTLINK, which started manufacturing Networking Products by importing the 1st SMT line in 1994. Due to high volume manufacturing with Government support of Duty difference of Finished products and detail parts importing, we started manufacturing many types of products and increased ours to 8 SMT lines production capacity. After the WTO agreement due to the duty-free import of Finished Products, manufacturing decreased year on year in India. Two years back SYNEGRA imported the FUJI NXT III line as most of the SMT lines had become very old. Last year due to Government support of the PLI scheme and Basic Custom Duty on some of the products increasing the capacity of manufacturing we added one more SMT Line FUJI NXT III and inaugurated it.

Mr K. R. Naik, Executive Chairman, SMARTLINK HOLDING LTD. Said. “It’s a proud moment for adding one more SMT line within two years due to Government support. We see a huge opportunity for manufacturing all kinds of products in India and we are happy because of the good acceptance of Made in India products. We have been committed to the government’s vision for Vocal for Local and has always encouraged local manufacturing. We started manufacturing 8086 Mother Boards in 1986 by getting parts from Singapore as we were not aware of Taiwan and China. We are in manufacturing for more than three decades. “

Mr. Vijay Rane, Factory Head, SYNEGRA EMS Ltd. Said, “We have added one more SMT line FUJI NXT III for better operation as both the machines are highly productive, multi-functional modular placing machines. These SMT lines have built-in head exchange function and support machine reconfigurability & scalability. It runs a self-Diagnosis function called Auto & Hybrid Calibration to ensure High Placement Accuracy.”.

SMARTLINK was established in 1993 in Goa and the First SMT line was imported in 1994. Due to the advantage of Duty difference SMARTLINK had several joint Ventures with the multinational brand in manufacturing and Association with worldwide known Brands and increased to 8 SMT lines more than 1000 workforce, manufacturing Mother Boards in high volume, all kinds of Networking Products like Routers, Switches, Wi-Fi, etc.

Due to DUTY-FREE import of Finished Products the manufacturing slowly day by day decreased many large companies closed manufacturing operations and started importing. In our case, as the SMT line machines started becoming old we scraped them one by one.

Four years back as manufacturing decreased SMARTLINK split its business into three individual companies, to focus on businesses like Manufacturing Companies, and Products Brand sales & marketing companies with support all over India.
1- SYNEGRA EMS – Manufacturing all kinds of Active products like Mother Boards, Switches, Wi-Fi, FTTH, etc. to supply Brand Companies
2- TELESMART SCS – Manufacturing all kinds of Passive products in Copper and Fiber to supply Brand Companies.
3- DIGISOL SYSTEMS – “DIGISOL” Brand Networking Products sales, marketing, servicing having all India offices.

After splitting the business SYNEGRA purchased FUJI NXT III highly productive and better performance machine to manufacture FTTH products along with Wi-Fi products. SYNEGRA has been put under PLI encouraging Manufacturing by Govt. of India and volume increased one more FUJI NXT III was imported and installed after the introduction of PLI.
SYNEGRA EMS individual company has a scope of expanding 10 SMT lines, Assembly lines, Testing Lines, etc. with 2000+ employees having 4 buildings of SMARTLINK.