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Sophos Summit 2021: Attendees’ Real-world Cybersecurity Experiences

Hear what the IT professionals that attended the Sophos Cybersecurity Summit 2021 had to say about emerging tech, risk management, cyber threats, SOCs, and bringing young people into the industry.

The Sophos Cybersecurity Summit 2021 brought together thousands of industry leaders, threat experts, and IT security professionals at our Americas and EMEA events.

Attendees contributed and responded to the presentations and discussions via live polls and open Q&A, sharing their personal cybersecurity experiences. Through this live participation, delegates provided a fresh and revealing insight into the reality facing cybersecurity professionals today.

Check out the results below and see how your own experiences compare. And if you weren’t able to join us, don’t worry. All sessions are available to watch (or re-watch) on-demand.

Emerging Technologies and Assessing Security Risk

Stephanie Balaouras, VP, Group Director, and Renee Murphy, Principal Analyst, of Forrester started the summit by sharing key emerging technologies for 2022, together with a new risk taxonomy that enables organizations to effectively assess the risk they present to the business. Of the emerging human experience and productivity technologies that Stephanie highlighted, attendees at both the EMEA and Americas events are–overwhelmingly–most excited by extended and virtual reality.


While these new technologies bring exciting new opportunities, they also bring new risks to the organization. As a result, being able to assess risk accurately and effectively is essential for their successful implementation.

When it comes to assessing security risk, almost half (47%) of the attendees rated their organization as Not bad but could do better. One third feel that they are doing pretty well and 6% are completely on top of it. The results we very similar across both events, revealing that security risk assessment maturity is generally consistent across different geographic regions.