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Sony announces the launch of High Power One Box Audio System with Karaoke

1. Experience even more powerful sound with the all-new omnidirectional sound
2. Omnidirectional party lights for the ultimate experience
3. Improved fun features to unleash your inner pop star and keep guests entertained
4. More durable and usable product design

New Delhi, 31st August 2020: Sony India today introduced four exciting new models to its high-power One Box Audio System range with the MHC-V83D, MHC-V73D, MHC-V43D and MHC-V13, expanding choices for party lovers as well as families who prefer one-box styled systems with a smaller footprint and portable design. Packed with stunning sound and experiential party lights, these audio systems are set to unleash the inner pop star in you and make every moment at a party memorable.

1. Experience even more powerful sound with the all-new omnidirectional sound

1.1 Omnidirectional Sound for MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D

The V83D and V73D boasts of Omnidirectional party sound feature with four tweeters at the front and rear to expand the sound stage upward.

1.2 Spread Sound for MHC-V43D and MHC-V13

The V43D and V13 are both equipped with two front tweeters that spreads sound across any venue. Like the V83D and V73D, the V43D also includes the midrange. These all-new designs increase the rigidness of the cabinet, delivering stronger bass while also improving clarity.

2. Omnidirectional party lights for the ultimate experience

The V83D and V73D create unforgettable atmospheres with the all-new Omnidirectional Party Light and Speaker Light. The party speaker sends out waves of deep blue, sky blue and green lighting along with multi-coloured stripe lighting creating immersive party-like experience for all party lovers in an authentic nightclub or outdoor festival experience by lighting up both floor and ceiling. It also features an all new animation programming create more dynamic patterns, creating an incredible atmosphere to spice up the party.

2.1 Speaker Light

The V13 comes with a multi-colour woofer light that is perfect for families to spruce up their home with an everyday compact-sized audio speaker, while the V83D, V73D and V43D’s woofer and midrange lights are a deep blue colour that is perfect for parties and events in any space.

2.2 Ambient light mode

A new Ambient light mode across the new line-up makes it easier than ever to transition lightly from party mode to non-party mode. The Ambient light mode makes it perfect for the family looking to unwind with slower and relaxing light animation.

3. Improved fun features to unleash your inner pop star and keep guests entertained

3.1 Karaoke and Mic input

Karaoke sessions at home have never been better before. With the new DSP reverb module feature in the V83D, V73D and V43D blends vocals with background music to make the experience more seamless creating an immersive experience of singing in a concert hall.  A pair of dedicated built-in microphone holders contain the cables and microphone, giving a tidy look and a stress-free experience.

3.2 Guitar input

All four products within the High-Power Audio Systems range allows for three different guitar modes to be selected for the ultimate jamming session: Clean for playing pop songs, Overdrive for rock and metal tracks and Bass for a bass guitar playing experience.

3.3 Karaoke Ranking via Fiestable app

Find your singing superstar via Karaoke ranking, the Karaoke Ranking feature scores a user’s singing and ranks it through the Fiestable app, giving users the chance to engage in friendly competition with friends and family by gunning for a spot in the top 10 leaderboard.

3.4 Fiestable app with a new feature “Party Playlist”

The new range of audio speakers also come with an all-new feature, Party Playlist, where attendees can become DJs. The Fiestable app allows the guest to contribute to the playlist by instantly inserting their favourite songs from their smartphones, creating an engaging party experience like never before. You can share your party status on social media with just one click from the Fiestable app.

3.5 TAIKO mode for MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D

In TAIKO mode, you can play along on samplers including bongo, djembe, surdo and the Japanese TAIKO drum simply by tapping the top panel in time to the beat.

4. More durable and usable product design

To protect against the inevitable knocks and bumps during transportation, the compact-sized V13 comes with two front corner protectors. The bigger V83D, V73D and V43D comes with a 360-degree robust design which includes a hard-plastic exterior that protects all sides of the unit and four corner protectors, making it long-lasting. Whenever you want to move the V83D, V73D and V43D, just hold the convenient carry handle and tilt it back. The sturdy caster lets you roll right on to the party.

Availability and Best Buy

The range of One Box Audio Systems will be available across Sony retail stores (Sony Center and Sony Exclusive), www.ShopatSC.com portal, major electronic stores and other e-commerce website in India.

Product Name Best Buy Date of availability
MHC-V83D Rs. 56,990/- 27th August 2020 onwards
MHC-V73D Rs. 44,990/- 18th September 2020 onwards
MHC-V43D Rs. 31,990/- 18th September 2020 onwards
MHC-V13 Rs. 16,990/- 26th August 2020 onwards

 Sony Party Speaker Line up

Specifications sheet 

Model MHC-V83D MHC-V73D MHC-V43D MHC-V13
Omni Directional Sound Yes Yes No No
Jest Bass Booster Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mega Bass Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gesture Control Yes Yes Yes No
Touch Panel Yes Yes No No
Splash proof Top Panel Yes Yes No No
Party light Yes(360 Degree) Yes(360 Degree) Yes (Arc Deep Blue/Sky Blue, Stripe: Red) No
Speaker Light Yes(Blue) Yes(Blue) Yes(Blue) Yes(Multi Colour)
Motion Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
DJ Effect Yes Yes Yes Yes
Music Center Compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fiestable App Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Portability Handle + Wheel Handle + Wheel Handle + Wheel Handle Only
Taiko Drum Yes Yes No No
Karaoke/Mic Input Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guitar Input Yes Yes Yes Yes
MIC Holder Yes(2 Mic Holder) Yes(2 Mic Holder) Yes(2 Mic Holder) Yes(1 Mic Holder)
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes Yes
NFC Yes Yes No No
USB Yes Yes Yes Yes
DVD Yes Yes Yes No(CD)
HDMI OUT Yes Yes Yes No
FM Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimension (WxHxD)cm 42.8×105.1×37.0 42.8×92.1×37.0 34.95×79.5×32.85 33.3×60.0×29.9
Weight (kg) 23.4 21.2 14.5 8.1