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Schneider Electric Ace Power Performers meet held at Colombo

April, 2023: Success does not come easy. The evolving world brings new challenges every day. But only a few rise above the rest. The ones that keep moving, adapting, always reaching for the stars and beyond. They stare down at the impossible and always get it done. They are our Ace Power Performers, and this year there were 37.

The Ace Power Performers meet was a celebration of the record breaking achievement of Schneider Electric Partners, who went above and beyond to break their own record of revenue achievement and consequently for the Secure Power Channel business.
To celebrate this achievement and our future endeavors together, Schneider had arranged for a three-day enriching experience in Sri Lanka from the 15th of March to the 18th of March at the Taj Samudra, Colombo which was enjoyed by all the partners.

The event was joined by 37 of our High Performing Partners from across the country who were accompanied by the Central and Regional leadership team from Schneider Electric. The event was a great success with Partners’ vowing to repeat a similar performance and join Schneider in another such thrilling adventure.