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Sachin Kumar joins as Branch Business Head at Balaji Solutions

August, 2021: Sachin Kumar Saxena recently joined Balaji Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as Branch Business Head at Jaipur office. Sachin will be looking after entire range of Foxin Peripheral business in Rajasthan. Sachin has been in the IT channel industry since a long time now. He has been a specialist of IT peripherals sales when it comes to channel sales in IT.

Sachin was previously looking after Gizmore business of UP from Lucknow from 2019 to July, 2021. Before that he has worked with brands like Zebronics and Zebion which are reputed brands in the IT peripherals industry of India. He was looking after Zebronics business in Rajasthan in the year 2014 to 2016, which is why he knows the peripheral channel market of Rajasthan so well.

On his appointment, he commented “We are committed to developing high-quality products backed up with adequate research and development. Our business value revolves aroundthe products’ aesthetic appeal, quality, reliability and customer service. With Balaji Solutions Pvt Ltd at the driver’s seat, Foxin has been successful in creating an extra edge in a highly competitive market of IT hardware and Mobility products. As an Indian Brand, our primary focus has always been on Innovation and Quality. We are always focused on enhancing superior customer experience. We have also introduced our flagship products of Mobile Accessories owing to the rapid evolution of Mobile Technologies.”