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Rajasthan Vibranium Partners enjoy vacation at Lohana Village Resort

August, 2022: Vibranium antivirus solution provider recently organized a special exotic stay at Lohana Village Resort, Jaswantpura, under a scheme completed by more than 60 partners across Rajasthan. Vibranium is amongst one of the fastest-growing antivirus brands in India currently. Their business in Rajasthan is being looked after Ravi Dhanwani and the brand has grown multiple times in the last couple of months. He has managed to penetrate the Rajasthan channel market in the last couple of months to capture a competitive market share in Rajasthan IT antivirus market. Partners who completed a specific scheme from Vibranium qualified for this exotic staycation at Lohana Village resort from 22nd – 23rd August 2022. Partners with businesses of more than 26000 with Vibranium during the period of 15th May – 30th June 2022 qualified for this scheme.