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PACT-CCTA IT Expo – 2022 Held Successfully in Chandigarh

July, 2022 – In one of the historic events held in Chandigarh organized by Chandigarh Computer Traders Association (CCTA) in association with PACT (Punjab Association of Computer Traders) was a Super Hit event. The Joint committee of organizers had Mr. Sanjeev Walia, Mr. Gurpreet Singh ji (Sunny), Mr. Sulalit Gupta (Chandigarh), PACT President – Gurpreet Singh Jagdev, ACE President – Gurpreet Singh to name a few.
The Expo was inaugurated on the 1st July and attracted partners from all across Punjab and even cities form nearby Haryana. The event had Seagate as the Main sponsor of the event. Security and Surveillance Industry had a good share in the event with quite a few showcasing their cameras and Application in the event.
The FAAITA elections which were scheduled to be held on 2nd July also attracted Senior players from all across the country to be there. The B2B event was a super idea which saw good results for the organizers.
AMD had a wonderful display of their products and had their one of the best team in place to address the channel. Even Rajan Vohra from August Marketing marked his presence during the entire event. AMD team was full of energy and ready with answers to all queries of the Channel partners who kept coming from all across the region.
Amongst other major Exhibitors included ACER displaying their range for Notebooks, D-Link and DIGISOL with their networking product range, REALTIME with their attractive devices, B.D. Soft with their range of Software solutions and to top it all it was the presence of Mr. Zakir himself to meet the partners. PANTUM Printers, HI Focus CCTV Products, RP Tech ( Rashi Peripherals Pvt Ltd) was also amongst the major sponsors of the event.
In the evening there was a Gala Dinner for the FAITTA Delegates and the exhibitors. Wherein PACT President Gurpreet Singh Jagdev gave a vision of his plans for the coming time he also released the new LOGO of PACT. Mr. Sanjeev Walia, who seemed to be the man behind the whole idea, disclosed the great efforts put in by the Chandigarh Association Team and PACT team to make this event a Grand success. Gurpreet Singh ( Sunny ji) thanked all for their efforts and exhibitors for making the event a big success.
Both days of the Event were full packed as all Exhibitors enjoyed every moment of the Show. There were goodies for all visitors and some were lucky to win Big prizes as well.