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NPTECH announces NP-380P, Plastic body Laminator

New Peripherals Technology Pvt. Ltd. (NPTECH) announces the NP-380P Plastic body Laminator machine. NPTech”s first Plastic body models with Hot Roller. The NP380P Laminator will accept all thickness of pouches upto 250 (2×125) microns. The machine will accept credit card to A3 sizes. Laminating speed in NP380P is approx 25cm/min. and is come with Jam release function for remove the jammed pouch. NP380P Plastic body Laminator is ideal for small offices, Homes, shops and schools. It is easy to carry anywhere. With this model NPTECH has total 3 models in its Laminators Range – 320XL, 320Mini & 380P. 320XL & 320Mini are with metal body heavy duty laminator. NP380P is now available in entire Rajasthan thru NPTECH channel partners. The aim behind to Laminator machine category is to supply machines that produce excellent results.