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Nexstgo celebrates 4th business anniversary, reveals next milestone in its expansion plans

Aims to highlight the company’s ultra-successful run, and launch NEXSTMALL BIZ- an all-exclusive business and e-commerce platform amongst other objectives. 

New Delhi, October 19, 2020: Nexstgo, the emerging international brand of digital innovative products celebrated its fourth-year anniversary.  It further announced its future expansion plans and business strategies to capture opportunities stemming from the increasingly connected digital world. Since its origin, Nexstgo has dedicated itself to spearheading superior research and development (R&D) and product designs, as well as accelerating its manufacturing and servicing capacities. The rapidly growing tech-enterprise now intends to elevate its operations to global stature. 

Nexstgo has led numerous innovations to enhance the work and lives of people who work. Its endeavors have reaped substantial fruit as the company witnessed exponential growth during this time. The brand continues to advance its customer-first perspective towards creating an inspiring range of customised product innovations and services. 

Speaking on the landmark event, Ms. Seema Bhatnagar, the Regional Business Director (South Asia) of Nexstgo, said, “We are thrilled to have achieved this commendable milestone. The brand has managed to carve a special place in the world of technology using its superior R&D and tech-innovation. By optimising our acclaimed technological know-how, we further strive to devise an impressive range of products and services that are impactful in resolving the challenges unleashed by the pandemic.”

The company has established a tripartite set of objectives that it aspires to attain in the coming time. It will focus on designing revolutionary technologies and world-class products through a blend of essential new-age elements such as high-fidelity audio-visual features, more intuitive product designs, intelligent user interfaces, superior processing power and enhanced connectivity to meet the growing consumer expectation and empower people towards greater productivity.

To this end, Nexstgo has extended its entire laptop product catalogue comprising of the three flagship brands NEXSTGO, VAIO, AVITA and its other patented digital solutions. The NEXSTMALL BIZ platform is its latest offering that targets to augment the commercial sector by leveraging its advanced technology. By constantly developing business through an array of one-stop professional IT services, remote conferencing and VPN security solutions, the brand aims to accelerate the working performance for a plethora of corporate clients.

Nexstgo is also curating a comprehensive product philosophy to attend to the rising demand for smart and innovative breakthroughs in the healthtech domain. By adeptly leveraging AI and IoT (Internet of Things), Nexstgo empowers users to live better and smarter through a range of devices such as smart mirror and smart scales that delivers entertainment alongside comfort. Nexstgo is also devoted to assaying its social and corporate responsibilities by donating laptops for charity and also providing special incentives to students for advancing their e-learning process.

 “We also aim to empower emerging businesses and startups through our bespoke and personalized business-accelerating platforms. While these four years have been a joyous and rewarding journey, Nexstgo envisions scaling even higher summits in the upcoming future. We intend to evolve into the de-facto leader of the global tech-circuit by offering a range of disruptive and intelligent product innovations,” Seema Bhatnagar further added.     

Nexstgo’s U.S based consumer arm AVITA has also managed to grab its share of the limelight. The, leading consumer technology brand has been recognized as one of India’s top consumer brands at the recent ET Best Brand Awards. The much-coveted award that recognizes inspiring business excellence has added yet another accolade to the brand’s extensive retinue of honors and has further cemented its leadership in the hyper-competitive Indian consumer laptop market.  

Riding on its superior and user-friendly technology, Nexstgo has also won several other recognitions across major award platforms such as the CES 2020 Innovation Award, the Digital Brand Award 2019 and the E-zone E-brand Awards 2019 for AVITA ADMIROR.  It also secured the Most Outstanding Laptop of the Year for AVITA ADMIROR and bagged the award in the category of top consumer laptop brands at PC3 Platinum Brand 2019. The company’s flagship laptop, the AVITA LIBER, won an award in the Jury’s Special category at the prestigious Best Choice Award 2019.

The brand also seeks to capture a considerable chunk of the USD 181 billion Indian IT industry, of which PCs constitute USD 5.5 billion. The majority of this market worth is actualized through imports, although India commands a domestic capacity of 6 million units. Its consumer-dedicated sub-brand AVITA intends to bridge this glaring gap and emerge as the foremost player in both online and offline channels while becoming the go-to brand for Millennial and Gen-Z consumers.