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Mega Compu World appointed distributor for Vibranium Antivirus products

August, 2021: Vibranium Alltech Pvt. Ltd. recently appointed Mega Compu World as their prime distributor for Rajasthan region. VIBRANIUM Alltech Private Limited have designed a Cybersecurity Solutions to suit end Clients, Small Business, Corporate houses and Government establishment. Their Research and development team remains up to date viruses and make sure to save the client’s data from cyber-attack, threats and malicious traffic before it strikes. Mission of Vibranium team is to provide Undefendable Cyber Security to Globe.

Mega Compu World is one of the oldest partners of operating in Rajasthan IT channel led by Noratan Jain. Mega is one stop solution for all your hardware and CCTV needs. They have a large portfolio and have been working in the IT channel with various major brands like WD, Seagate and Intel in Rajasthan. They are also distributors for Tenda range of products and offer vast range of networking brands along with end to end solutions. They also contribute a major share in Hikvision CCTV business of Rajasthan. Mr. Noratan Jain from Mega Compu World seemed happy and hopeful of this association with Vibranium Alltech. In recent times, Mega has also gained trust of dealers digitally by selling through their own website Ravi Dhanwani will be looking after Vibranium Alltech business for Rajasthan region with Mega Compu world as their distributor.