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Looking for faster, smoother and seamless PC performance in a budget? It’s simple – Upgrade, don’t Replace!

Don’t we just dread the moment when your PC begins to slow down, application load time increases, and images, videos and text appear on the screen at a snail’s pace? Does your PC come to a grinding halt while downloading or accessing heavy files or do run out of storage space more often than normal? This phase begins with repetitive reboots, deleting your temp files and doing a disk clean up, every time your systems begins to crawl. But from here things just get worst, don’t they? However, this is not a ‘let’s replace the PC’ problem but a ‘Let’s upgrade the PC’ problem. With tight budgets in these extraordinary times, at both business and personal level, IT problems require a low cost but efficient solution and upgrading your PC is one such way to find the best of both worlds- budget-friendly and effective resolution. Especially now, with most of us working from home, studying online or gaming for hours, we are using our machines for several hours and our lives quite literally depends on them.

And here’s how with a few quick fixes you can update your PC to boost its performance without digging deep into your pockets:

 Replace old hard disks drives with Solid State Drives ( SSDs)

The easiest, quickest and one of the most effective way to get your PC working faster is upgrading the storage drive. An upgrade to internal SSD from an existing hard disk drive will result in dramatic difference in performance and efficiency. Hard disks are slow to respond to the data requirements of you CPU and RAM. Whether you’re working, creating, casual gaming or processing large amounts of data, an SSD powered PC will offer high speeds to do more, faster.  What’s more, it will take less power, thereby extending the battery life of your laptop.

Also, do check if your PC has an NVMe or a SATA slot. One of the top options you have WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD that will offer super ast speeds.  However, if your PC mothernoard doesn’t support NVMe tech you should definitely go for  WD Blue™️ SN550 NVMe™️ SSD. The SSDs are available in capacities of up to 4TB and 1TB, respectively. So give a performance boost your PC by insatalling SSDs from leading storage companies like Western Digital.

Ramping up the RAM

Expanding your PC memory is also extremely beneficial.  A RAM upgrade ensures the PC runs faster. Memory upgrades vary in costs depending on your PC and the amount of memory required. For tasks such as video editing or gaming, the more RAM you have the better is the output. For casual usage the RAM enables you to have more apps working in the background and have more tabs open without causing a lag.  A minimum of 4GB RAM is fine for general use. Upgrading to an 8GB RAM will result in improvements especially when you indulge in mid-level gaming and video editing.

GPU Upgrades for the Gamers

Not everyone would require upgrading their graphics card. A GPU upgrade makes sense while looking for extra performance or functionality for advanced games or computationally complex programs for statistics and data mining. However, if you’re a pro gamer, then it should be the first thing you upgrade for quality 3D animation.  While purchasing a GPU remember to check the resolution of your monitor for the best outputs. If your CPU is old, make sure your new graphic card is compatible with the processor.