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Lizzo and Logitech Defy Logic in Next Chapter of Brand Campaign

The three-time Grammy Award winner showcases her logic-defying career trajectory and continuous societal impact alongside other creators defining the new logic of tomorrow

Logitech today announced the next chapter of the company’s DEFY LOGIC brand campaign, launching an anthem video featuring pop sensation and trailblazing icon Lizzo and previewing a new song, “Special.” Logitech’s DEFY LOGIC campaign inspires and encourages us to embrace individuality and champions those defying expectations as they pursue their passions and define the new logic of tomorrow.

In addition to Lizzo, Logitech has engaged digital entertainer and superstar Bretman Rock, alongside comedienne and internet phenomenon Elsa Majimbo, pioneering live code artist and producerDJ_Dave, boundary-pushing Latvian gaming creator Danucd, digital artist & NFT creator Defaced, and 15-year-old fashion designer, entrepreneur and activist Kheris Rogers. All of these individuals challenge the status quo and pave the way for all people to change the ways they work, create and play.

“As the lives of our consumers and customers evolve, so does their mindset,” said Najoh Tita-Reid, global chief marketing officer for Logitech. “We want to encourage all people to redefine what is possible, and empower people to reshape the future and change the world. DEFY LOGIC celebrates everyone courageous enough to challenge the old logic of the past and enables those who prove that passions can turn into careers, careers don’t require offices and art doesn’t require a canvas.”

Running across cable, connected TV, online video, out-of-home and on digital and social platforms, the campaign demonstrates the possibilities, range and creative versatility of Logitech’s products, and how these tools can enable anyone to push boundaries and achieve their goals. DEFY LOGIC aims to reach new generations to support them in rewriting the world, on their own terms.

“I love that Logitech is embracing authenticity and nonconformity – ideologies that I’ve lived by my entire career,” said Lizzo. “It’s exciting to see a brand put so much heart into achieving real change and stand up to societal norms. Fame looks a lot different today than it used to, and I’m proud to be a part of the new wave and partner with Logitech and inspire others to defy logic.”

Logitech’s broader mission is to help all people pursue their passions by designing experiences so everyone can create, achieve and enjoy more, and within a sustainable world. The company is committed to designing for sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion. DEFY LOGICreflects and celebrates this mission by highlighting the diversity of those defying logic as they work, create and play.