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Lapcare’s new Chillmate Pro Cooling pad launched with six super powerful fans

January, 2022: Lapcare recently launched the Lapcare Chillmate Pro Cooling pad for maximizing the airflow and maintaining cooler temperatures in laptops. Lapcare is a pioneer in laptop accessories and computer components. The brand aims to provide competent cooling accessories for laptops to maintain optimum thermals while gaming and other resource intensive tasks.

Lapcare Chillmate Pro Cooling pad is designed to accommodate laptops as large as nineteen inches and can easily handle their weight without budging an inch. The laptop stand is composed of a combination of high-quality ABS plastic which is durable and uses a stainless steel mesh to provide uninterrupted airflow to the laptop’s base. The mesh system is fine enough to stop any flying debris but still manages to push cool air into the base. The six fan system handles all the grunt work and can attain high RPM speed to drive the cool air into the laptop. Its fans can maintain a decent sound profile and do not make shrill sounds, even when the cooling pad is running on full blast. Plus, the RGB fans add a hint of style to the overall desk layout.

The ergonomics of the LapcareChillmate Pro Cooling pad make it possible to attain the best possible screen height. It supports height adjustment up to 5 levels, so the user doesn’t have to strain the neck while working on the laptop and can maintain accurate eye contact with the screen. LapcareChillmate Pro Cooling pad consumes very little power and does not need a dedicated adaptor to operate. It can plug directly into a USB port on the laptop and even provides two additional USB ports for the users. This is a perfect workplace/gaming station solution that can keep the laptop from heating up and slowly deteriorating the performance in the long run.

The LapcareChillmate Pro Cooling pad is priced economically to cater to the budget segment of consumers who need a reliable cooling pad for work/leisure. Users can avail of an additional one-month warranty on top of the 12-month scheme by registering themselves on the official website. Lapcare recently achieved a milestone of 20 crores in product sales and is working on adding more products to its peripherals and accessories line-up.