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Lapcare Dhamaka is Back!

Pick a month on the calendar and pick a date, ask Lapcare representatives what offer do/did they have on product purchase, and you’d get to know of a long list of diverse deals for partners big and small, on every level of distribution network.
As they call it,” Carnival of offers, all year long”, Lapcare is miles ahead than the competition in terms of keeping it exciting and fruitful for its partners and buyers. That could be one of the key factors why Lapcare is cruising on heavy Customer retention.
Amongst all the offers and deals, one stands out that outshines even the shiniest and most lucrative offerings.
Once again, Lapcare is back with its mega scheme, “Lapcare Dhamaka Scheme and Lucky Draw”.
Not a long time has passed since partners were benefitted through achieving prizes ranging from Mobile phones, Tablets, Bikes and more.
A few lucky ones won amazing prizes such as Laptops, Mobile phones, Bikes, Tata Tiago, and Kia Seltos through publicly executed and announced Lucky Draw.
As last years’ successor, Lapcare Dhamaka Scheme, and lucky draw (2021-22), this time is more indulging and rewarding.
As per this scheme, partners will achieve prizes ranging from Mobile phones, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Electric Bikes, Royal Enfield 350 and even BMW Motorbikes in accordance with the target slab achievement, assigned by Lapcare.
Through the Lucky Draw some participating partners will take home Mobile phones including iPhones, Laptops, Electric bikes and more. One lucky winner will drive home Tata Tigor Electric.
Keeping it true to its green initiative, Lapcare is committed to reduce its carbon footprint and that could clearly be seen in the prize array of this scheme as most of the prizes are electric.
The scheme and Lucky draw prove that when it comes to going extra mile for its associates, Lapcare sticks to its Mission and Vision statement, which guides the organisation to always keep the partner betterment on higher grounds.