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Lapcare announces major expansion plans in Punjab, holds multiple Dealer conventions across state

Date: 3rd May 2022 | Amritsar :- Reputed national ICT Brand, Lapcare, conducted a series of Dealer Conventions in Punjab recently, attended by over 500 ICT Businessmen statewide. Held under the auspices of various regional Dealer’s Associations, the events took place in – Amritsar, Jalandhar and Patiala respectively. Lapcare announced plans to expand operations in Punjab, by introducing more product lines, enlarging the Retailer base, offering more secondary sales support to businessmen, and making additional strategic partnerships.

Office bearers and key members of multiple Associations in Punjab attended the conventions, and lauded Lapcare’s commitment to the state. This included JCDA from Jalandhar, ACTA from Amritsar, and the all Punjab Association PACT. Organized in collaboration with stalwart Regional Distributors, these conventions gave the ICT fraternity a chance to familiarize themselves with Lapcare’s immense product variety, upcoming SKUs, research & development efforts, after-sales service process, techniques for more effective retailing, collaboration between Marketing Channel partners and special offers.

The Lapcare team also gave attendees a peek into the near-term future, where new sub-genres of products are expected to hit the market, starting this month. These include trendy lifestyle based genres like Sports Neckbands, Smart Watches (Wearable Computers) and smart speakers. Many products were kept on display and some were demonstrated live. These Business Meets are part of a wider Roadshow being conducted by Lapcare nationwide in 2023. During the summer and monsoon, the Roadshow Tour is expected to head towards Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala. This is a chance for dealers to interact directly with Lapcare’s senior team and see demos first hand.

Vikas Narang, former Head of PACT (a federation of all Punjab Associations) remarked, “Not only has Lapcare reinforced they’re position as a major force in the Peripherals & Spares sector, they have also demonstrated proven expertise in various other subcategories, such as Sound Systems, Gaming, Mobility, Networking and several others”. 

Post event, Lapcare’s MD, Atul Gupta said “We hail the vibrant MSME sector of Punjab, reflecting the enterprising spirit of the State. Our products are geared to enhance productivity of the MSME sector, and also provide effective solutions to quality & brand conscious Punjab consumers”. Lapcare sees great potential for its products in Jalandhar, since the city is an NRI hub, has been selected in the second phase of the smart city project.

Lapcare Launched new Products

Lapcare’s large speakers (Ramp, Beast and Lapsonic) were stars of the show, much lauded by visitors. In a region that loves lively upbeat music, these products are public favorites. The twin tower speakers, with extra heavy bass and true surround sound, are perfect to pair with your TV to enhance viewing experience. Lapcare’s Portable speakers with their convenient grab-and-go compact design were also on display, much desired by today’s youngsters and the young-at-heart, who love outdoor recreation and adventure.

Lapcare also performed the national unveiling of its new range of neckbands, with advanced noise cancelling feature. Neckbands are much easier to maintain and operate than larger headsets. It’s the obvious choice for morning and evening walks, and naturally fosters a healthy lifestyle. Lapcares neckbands are ideal for gymnasium use, recreational use and adventure trips. Awards were conferred to the Best Performers of 2022-23. This motivated those who missed out to try harder in future; especially because Lapcare has established itself as the quintessential Dealer’s Brand. Gala dinner and live entertainment followed.