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Join MSI 35th Anniversary Celebration to Win Grand Prize

Celebrate with MSI from Aug 4th to Sep 8th to get 3.5X bonus points and grand prize raffles!

MSI, a world leader in gaming, content creation, business & productivity and AIoT solutions, is hosting a series of celebrations for its 35th anniversary. MSI invites all members and fans around the world to join the events that spread anniversary cheer and get great gifts.
“Happy Birthday to MSI! 2021 marks 35 years of innovation and achievements for MSI. At this great moment, MSI is celebrating its anniversary with a variety of exciting events. Starting in August, all kinds of celebration events are providing worldwide MSI fans with great opportunities to win awesome prizes and lots of fun in the process. Join us in celebrating the next great era of MSI,” said Sam Chern, MSI Marketing Vice President.

Event 1: Earn 3.5X Bonus Points

Reward program members who purchase and register selected products are eligible to earn up to 3.5X bonus points and a chance to win a laptop PC.

Event 2: Redeem Multiple Gifts and Join the Lucky Draw

Reward program members are eligible to redeem and unlock limited gifts corresponding to their member tiers including a lucky draw for the exclusive desktop PC, graphics card and golden Lucky figure.
For details about the list of the selected products and redeem program, please visit:

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