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JCDA – Jalandhar Computer Dealers Association Elections held for 2023-2025

Ajay Sharma Elected as President and Tarun Bhaskar as General Secretary

Jalandhar Computer Dealers Association recently held their Election meeting to elect the Executive Body for the 2023-2025 session. The Elections were conducted under the supervision of Rajeev Khanna and Shyamal Gupta.

The Election for the post of President and Vice President was Unanimous. Ajay Sharma was elected as the President and Anil Gupta as Vice President. Tarun Bhaskar was declared as the General Secretary. The other members elected to the Council were Akash Chauhan as Joint Secretary, Hitesh Dhawan as Treasurer and Sahil Kapila as PRO.

  • Ajay Sharma– President
  • Anil Gupta– Vice President
  • Tarun Bhaskar– General Secretary
  • Akash Chauhan– Joint Secretary
  • Hitesh Dhawan– Treasurer
  • Sahil Kapila– PRO

Soon after the Election were concluded the elected body requested the Senior members for their support and suggestion to continue the good work of the 24 year young JCDA. Senior member responded with affirmation for their support whenever and wherever needed. Those present included Daljeet Singh, Parminder Saini, Inder Mohan Bhaskar, Amarjeet Singh Kumar, Rupesh Sharma and Puneet Dhir.

JCDA has been organizing Sports Event, Family Meets, Outstation Tours and special meeting for their members in the past. The Elected body will soon announce a six members executive Committee. The Elected body reiterated their commitment to the members to safeguard their interest against any problems arising in business.

Rajiv Khanna, Media Advisor (JCDA), Media Advisor (PACT), Media Advisor and PRO (FAAITA) was present throughout to see through the entire Election process. Talking to Media he conveyed his entire satisfaction on the process of Election and congratulated the newly elected body.