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Features to Consider Before Buying Top Security Cameras

High Definition Video Quality

security camera gives clear images with high-resolution. Basically, everyone wants a 1080p or higher resolution camera for the best quality images to view. Remember, If you want to connect your camera to DVR (digital video recorder) for recording footage. It will also require HD compatible to make crystal clear images and videos.

Night Vision

New technologies are using in cameras for night vision. It is one of the most important features of outdoor security cameras. Take high-quality recording to view clear and bright at night, nowadays considering an infrared (IR) technology to sending bright light through wavelengths. Infrared LEDs used in a camera to determine how far your outdoor security cameras will be able to record clearly show what’s outside your house. Look for security surveillance cameras that have at least 50 feet or more best for night vision. There are multiple models that also have a built-in IR cut-switch that automatically enables and disables the infrared technology depending on the lighting conditions.

Best Pan, Tilt and Zoom Function

Best Cameras with remote controls like pan, tilt, and zoom functions are ideal for providing full coverage to the largest areas and allow users to get the best views angle possible with-out any physically re-positioning the cameras.

Operate from Mobile

Many outdoor security cameras are available today in the market, and able to live stream a feed directly to other mobile phones. If you want to be able to check-in during the day or while away from hometown, then this is a valuable featured device that is compatible with your mobile or other devices. Generally, a remote access system, alerts on mobile, and other cloud-based security features need monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment mode to pay for your home security system monitoring provider.

Cloud Storage

Looking at security cameras with cloud-based storage features?  Because of recording features is most important in it to store videos on the cloud storage. You will also want to know how long your video recordings are available stored on the cloud. No one can delete these recordings at any cost without your permission.

Activity Notifications

Quick activity alert notifications will the user get if significant activity detected near security cameras. Find out features and enable them like notifications via text messages, e-mails, and more. They will update you on anything that happened in real-time under a security camera.

Customize Activity Zones

Most security cameras allow users to set-up and customize activity zones (location). It means you can choose the locations that are more significant for capturing real-time movement.  The biggest benefit of these features prevents you from being insignificant activity notifications like a car driving in the parking zone, and an insect flying near your security camera.

Two-way Communication Audio Feature

A two-way communication audio feature allows you to hear and speak with outdoor visitors. You can speak to the person in front of the camera using mobile phone applications. Also, the same features come to action if installed indoors and you see some suspicious activity done by your kids or pets.

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