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FAIITA Elections to be held on 2nd July in Chandigarh

Federation of All India Information Technology Associations commonly known as FAIITA is the National largest and only Federation of all the State Associations of IT Business & Services in India. FAIITA has representation from 25 states & union territories of India having membership of more then 100 members. The term of FAIITA Governing body is always of 2 years, but the current working team took an extension for six months to complete few pending projects and procedures which were pending due to COVID Pandemic. The term of the present body including the extension completed on 12th April 2022. During the Governing body meeting held at Lucknow on 10th April 2022, FAIITA GB decided to to held the elections in the due course. The GB also appointed National Convener of FAIITA Shri Sanjeev Walia as Presiding Officer for the upcoming elections.

Upon the completion of the term of present executives, elections are  held at Chandigarh on 2nd July 2022, wherein, 20 delegates representing 25 States & Union Territories of India will be marking their presence to participate in the elections for the new cabinet. Panjab association PACT along with Chandigarh association CCTA is hosting & fully sponsoring the entire event which will take place at Hotel Shivalik View, Chandigarh. The stay, the meeting places and the necessary arrangements required for all FAIITA proceedings are a courtesy from PACT and CCTA.

PACT and CCTA have also arranged a B2B IT Expro known as PACT-CCTA IT EXPO 2022 for two days i.e. on 1st and 2nd July 2022 at the same venue, which will be catering to about 1000 visitors from northern Indian fraternity of IT businesses. There is also a possibility of interaction of FAIITA with them. More detail about the event can be known from www.pact-ccta-itexpo.com