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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Pawan Kumar from Elista

Q1) When was Elista incepted? What was your vision when you started the brand? Tell us everything about the brand.

Ans.) Elista was founded in 2020 with the introduction of a range of Smart TVs. It was soon followed by the launch of the dishwasher line in the same year. Right from our inception, our vision has been to provide world-class products to the Indian consumer at an affordable price. Today, Elista is a Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, IT, and Mobile Accessories brand focused on symbolizing innovation of the highest calibre for the consumer.

Elista means ‘Oath of God’. We are driven by this oath to provide the best quality products to our consumers. Making a mark in a competitive Indian market was not easy. Moreover, we also had to deal with pandemic-related challenges such as lockdown and disruptions in the supply chain. Despite this, Elista has been able to capture the imagination of the Indian consumer, especially in Tier-II & Tier-III cities, with aspirational products that do not burn a hole in the pocket. We have launched a wide range of products with two ace cricketers, Suresh Raina and Ishan Kishan, as our brand ambassadors.

The brand has been noticed for its relentless efforts and we have received prestigious awards like the BARC Award for ‘Prestigious Brands of Asia’ and the CMO Asia award for ‘Excellence in Branding & Marketing’.

We plan to continue to work on our success mantra of providing superior technology products at a budget-friendly price to the consumer in the future.

Q2) What are your focus areas in India regarding the Market, Industries, and Verticals?

Ans.) We have a wide range of products in segments like LED Televisions, Washing Machines, Coolers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators, IT Accessories, Mobile Accessories, and Speakers. All our products are technologically superior and feature-packed but are available at reasonable price points for the end consumer.

From its inception, Elista has been clocking impressive growth numbers, and we have aggressive plans for the future. We are in around 25,000 retail locations across India, with a channel network of 1,000 distributors. Currently, our primary markets in India are Jharkhand and Bihar. In addition, we have an online presence on Flipkart, Amazon, Tata Cliq, and Payed.

We have been growing at a rapid pace in almost all our verticals. Smart TVs and semi-automatic washing machines are among the fastest-growing segments of the business. The revenue for 2020-21 stood at INR 158 crore and we are targeting INR 250 crore in this financial year.

Q3) How is Elista different from other brands in India?

Ans.) Due to our commitment, determination and relentless pursuit of introducing ground-breaking products, we have established our presence in the Indian market. Elista has successfully handled the supply chain and business challenges emerging from the pandemic in our early days.

We have created a space for ourselves in a short period amidst competition from international and local brands because of our aspirational product range with top-of-the-line quality and modern features. In addition, we have established a robust retail presence backed by a strong service network.

Elista has proven that the focus on introducing technologically superior pocket-friendly products can help create a popular brand in the Indian market in a short period.

Q4) What are the significant challenges faced by the brand in the Indian market in recent times?

Ans.) We are still in the early phase of growth for the brand. As mentioned, we have been able to handle the challenges as a result of the pandemic successfully. At the same time, we have established a strong brand in a cluttered market in a short period because of our clear focus on introducing innovative products at an affordable price.

Elista has played an essential role in driving change in consumer behaviour with global design and quality products, albeit at a reasonable price. For instance, before we entered the dishwasher segment, it was considered a luxury item for a small segment of customers. However, we have challenged this perception and can extend our product range to a broader segment. We have been able to achieve similar success in Smart TVs as well.

As we are part of Teknodome, UAE, with over 12 years of experience in the Consumer Goods, IT, and Gaming industries, we were better positioned to handle the challenges with industry intelligence and expertise.

Q5) Can you please elaborate on Elista’s growth with respect to targeted verticals?

Ans.) The success of our products and the handwork of our team have been the key drivers for us.  The high-quality, diverse range has been able to find a sweet spot in the market. The clear vision of introducing affordable premium products backed by a robust support ecosystem has worked well for Elista.

The specific vertical that has worked well for the brand is our range of Smart LED TVs. We offer products ranging from 24 inches to 75 inches, and almost 70% of our revenue comes from this segment. In addition, Elista’s semi-automatic washing machines, from 7 kg to 9.5 kg, are also an important product vertical.

As we advance, we are in the process of setting up a manufacturing facility in India and moving from an outsourced model to in-house manufacturing. At the same time, we plan to expand our presence to other regions like Central Asia and the Middle East and replicate our success in the Indian market.

Q6) What are the various Channel Initiative Programs running in this fiscal year?

Ans.) Elista has over 1000 distributors channel network across India with a retail presence in over 25,000 outlets. We are working closely with our channel partners to ensure strong growth for the business across the product spectrum. We organize dealer meets regularly to stay in touch with the changing ground realities and take feedback from our partners about customer expectations. In addition, we run a lot of channel incentive programs for our partners to keep them motivated to expand the reach of the brand in various regions.

Q7) How do you see India’s home appliances & IT accessories market?

Ans.) We are a big believer in the potential of the Indian market. We believe that the India growth story has just begun, and there is immense growth potential in the Indian home appliances and IT accessories market. With a young aspirational domestic population willing to spend for the right product at the right price, we believe that the Indian market will continue to report strong growth numbers in the future.

Elista is committed to the Indian market, and we will continue to serve products to Indian consumers built with world-class quality at an affordable price point.