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Exclusive conversation with Gurpreet Singh from Netline Infotech, Ludhiana

July, 2020: In such difficult times of COVID-19, IT channel market of India has been suffering a lot since a couple of months. Evaluating the situation of North and Central India distribution channel market has grown drastically. Partners have been working harder than ever and keeping proper margins along with timely payments to all. Gurpreet Singh Jagdev is Vice-President of PACT and member of PACT core committee of FAIITA.
In an e-conversation with Gurpeet Singh from Neltine he said “Though it is not possible for any industry to escape from COVID-19 influence, IT fraternity is fortunate to be able to stay afloat with increase in demand in Work/Study from Home requirements, and may have overcome some of the losses suffered during the lockdown. But nevertheless, we all stay worried due to vulnerability and exposure to the pandemic to us and our staff while dealing with customers in solution visits or retail.”

C&C: How do you see the IT market if COVID stays for a While? Do you think the market may change after the Pandemic ends, if yes How?

Gurpreet Singh: Being an industry on need based solutions, actually IT dealers are now suffering due to shortage of IT products. We, as a leading distributor in Ludhiana do struggle to keep the demand of our dealer partners (including for their and our retail stores) fulfilled right now. The material is struggling to move from dispatch hubs that are in contaminated zones are further impacted by material liquidating in those big cities itself before it could reach Punjab or Chandigarh. However, as per indication, delivery situation is expected to get better by 15 August, as some material is lined up.
The new innovations like SSDs in PC & Laptops and huge demand for online meetings and school classes has positively boosted the trade as high proportion of businesses to supply has understandably moved to CDC instead of traditional PDC credit business that perhaps is the best thing to happen as fly by night operators vanish, leaving the solution, retail and distribution business open to genuine dealers only, and we all value that more than anything else.
As regards, the future of IT market if COVID stays, I personally pray and believe Covid to end by September, or subside, partners need to take all precautions, stay active and keep up the ante till then as the demand doesn’t seem to come down till Diwali & even beyond.
The Pandemic has and will change the market surely, IT partners will be busy in times to come, and those who will have working capital to buy & stock to sell, will prosper.
Before I end, I wish my friends and brothers in Industry a safe passage out from these Covid times and know they will work will vigil to cater to the demand with necessary precautions at their premises or during onsite engineer visits, and scale new heights.