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Different Levels of Smartclass Solutions!

As COVID 19 survivors, we have witnessed how education industry has been through a storm of change altogether. With schools, colleges, coaching classes, auditoriums, halls etc shutting down, the online onscreen give & take of knowledge has become a part of the new reality. With the help of technology, the online classrooms have become smarter & can resolve any challenge, whether its online long-distance teaching, two-way communication or even some real life experience in demand; with its diversity & variety.

A smart classroom doesn’t only depends on the loads of equipment & a lump-sum of money that goes into making it. It can be accomplished with minimal budget too. Which is what we are here to discuss.

Lets jump right in & explore what all lays in the bucket for us all.

Level 1: Entry Level- Smart Class Setup
This is a pocket friendly kind of budget that fits the bare minimum requirement for a smart classroom& can be accomplished with chalk & board setup too. With minimal budget, one can divide & invest in devices like camera/smart-phone, laptop/desktop & a microphone and make your own smart setup.

Level 2: Beginner Level- Smart Class TV
What a Smart TV can do for any educational setup can surprise you. If you want to include presentations, animated educational stories, informative videos & many more as a part of daily teaching routines, then, its going to be a solution for all your needs jam-packed into one. Smart Televisions along with a camera, microphone & a laptop will complete your smart class setup. Smart TVs, being more engaging than normal board helps learner stay connected as there is no lag-time generated by actually writing every concept & then explaining. It just requires a one click-flick.

Level 3: Intermediate level- Interactive Board
If you’re planning on improving your teaching experience, then, instead of normal Smart Television, you can upgrade to Interactive Screen Display Solution. Here, you can write annotate on the presentation slides, interact with the images, make edits to the videos & many more. A great way for teachers to engage students in the lessons & making them an active participant by boosting their productivity.

Level 4: Advance Level- Two Way Interactive Setup

As we move up the ladder, better education will demand more interaction & engagement. In previous solutions, student were not properly visible to the teacher on laptop or smart phone & that’s where two way interaction solved the problem. An another display screen behind the camera for clearer two-way reception & interaction on which all students will be visible to the teacher, so that both can learn & even interact back & forth. It solves the whole problem & makes it easier for both.

Level 5: Pro Level- Green-Screen Chroma Key Virtual Classes : Its another way of teaching with impact that creates a scenario-based learning & engages the learner, better. Video teaching through chroma helps a learner transition from idea to idea that builds the whole concept in their mind. Applying Chroma Key effects is a simple, cost effective method to add visual impact to your training video. You can change the entire screen behind you to play videos/image/annotation for illustrations, demonstrations, presentation, human interaction. What more can we ask for!

These five types of smart classroom solution have entirely changed the education industry as we know it. We are in the new age of knowledge exchange, where, if you are an Online Educator, Blogger, YouTuber or a Content Creator, you should also look into these options because this is going to be the future.


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