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Computer v/s Laptop, which one to choose?

When selecting between Buying a Computer or a Laptop, we have to view some of the standards and decide what best fits our requirements. Here is a chart that examines the two types of computers, presenting pros and cons for each to Assist you in making a more informed Buying Decision.

  1. Cost

Computer – There are many component options available for Computer, PC, Desktops, allowing for a wide variety of costs, but the starting is relatively affordable. A computer can start as low as ₹25,000 and still be a moderately robust system.

Laptop -Laptops can have a relatively wide variance of component alternatives, but they are slightly limited than Computer. Suppose you need to buy a laptop with higher speed, better graphics, more storage space, etc.). In that case, the price can be considerably higher or we say that depending on the brand.

Note:-  A computer( desktop ) is always more affordable than a laptop. But Laptop is Portable.

  1. Portability

Computer  – Computers take more space and have a separate monitor, keyboard mouse, or other accessories to assort. It is a volume consume machine placed in a particular place and doesn’t move much, if at all. While it’s impossible to take a computer from place to place, it’s inconvenient and comes with non-portability drawbacks.

Laptop – Laptops are portable are great for on-the-go use due to their compact size. It is easy to carry and light in weight. It consumes less space.

Note: Yes, Laptop succeeds this category. If you need a portable machine, then the laptop is the answer.

    3. Power

a. Processor

Computer – Computer processors are more prominent, but this also means Computer processors can be more potent than laptop processors.

Laptop – Laptop processors have almost caught up to Computer processors but are still unsatisfactory as compared to Computer’s processors. Gaming laptops can have comparable performance, but they come at a high price.

Note: – And again, PC wins this category. Because computers don’t need to fret about preserving battery life, they’ll always have more satisfying processors than laptops.

b. Internal storage

Computer– Computers and Desktops may have multiple Internal Storage Drives placed.

Laptop – Laptops typically have room for only one internal drive (addition may cost more). If more Internal Storage is required, then the drive completely replaced, or storage or a must be used.

Note: Desktops win this category. Although both the machines have external drives attached or use cloud storage, computers can have various internal hard drives and additional drives in them.


In the end, the ultimate decision depends on what your requirements are.

There are some limitations to consider, but they are not overly significant for most users. However, if you want the most kick for your requirement and portability is unnecessary, a desktop is likely the best choice. Computers are optimal choices for graphic-intensive gaming and for those who favour having the option of upgrading efficiently. However, they are also outstanding for the primary desktop user who only needs it for basic e-mail Internet access or for an office presentation.

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