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Chhattisgarh Traders Records Multifold Growth in HP Business

Raipur based  Chhattisgarh Traders is one of the oldest distributors of HP in Chhattisgarh. They have been managing the HP Consumer Laptop and Desktop segment since a pretty long time. With the onset of the pandemic Covid and amid lockdown the demand for PCs increased manifold, almost a  whopping 15%.To meet this sudden surge in demand Chhattisgarh Traders leapt into action and was amongst the biggest contributor in the state market.

After 2021 with the pandemic gone everyone thought that the PC boom would be over, But that was not the case with Chhatisgarh Traders in HP business .Proving all predictions wrong Chhatisgarh Traders not only increased the sales, it registered double the growth from last year thanks to the tremendous partner contact across Chhattisgarh by Chhattisgarh Traders.

With Ayush Agarwal at the helm of the Business there was no looking back for the CG Traders. Their tremendous consistent performance in laptops led to the expansion of their product line with HP Desktops and AIOs too being added to their kitty.

As a result of this business addition there was further growth in the consumer desktop and AIO segment. These recent changes coupled with the extraordinary vision of Ayush to grow CG Traders along with HP will surely further accelerate HP’s growth and double the existing market share.

CG Trader is a power to reckon with in the state of Chattisgarh when it comes to HP