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BOTm Revolutionizing Software Testing Through AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the buzzwords today. Both talked about as the beacons of today and the architects of tomorrow, given the digitalized and automated world we live in.

While not quite the same thing or even synonymous with each other (MI more a subset of AI, using data to fulfil tasks, rather than mimicking heightened human abilities and decision making), the fact remains that AI and ML are here to stay and hence critical to the entire software ecosystem. It is thus vital for those in the domain to constantly upgrade and sharpen their knowledge and skills. And incorporate them into their systems and processes.

Inflection Point for Software Testing

When it comes to software testing, AI and ML are godsends; greatly enhancing speed, accuracy and security. But their goodness doesn’t end there – they have imbued the testing process with a refreshing sense of independence, increased test coverage, self-testing, self-healing and risk mitigation. A direct function of all this is bringing software releases faster to market, while improving risk analysis for QA teams.

As human time and capital become increasingly expensive, more companies and brands are sinking larger investments into Bots for day-to-day interaction with customers. The flip side is that AI may still be some distance from the utopian level that stakeholders desire (AI biases are also ruffling a lot of feathers); hence technologies such as AIOps, TestOps and RPA could be just what the doctor ordered for the future of software testing.

The evolution of software testing has clearly reached, or even crossed, that inflection point where AI-driven automation is the way to go. Software testing services that still rely on conventional methodologies are being left behind. Migration and adaptation to AI-based Test Automation is the key. And yet, not for its own sake – its choice as a testing tool should be knowledgeable, well-informed and pass the test of hands-on trial.

BOTm Leads the Way

Enter BOTm who, for some time now, has embraced AI-driven software testing technology and delivering amazing results for its clients. In the process, infusing significant scales of efficiency to the entire spectrum of mobile app testing.

BOTm’s suite of offerings come with a range of relevant and contextual features:

BOTm Automator facilitates regression testing across multiple handsets by creating reusable test scripts.

BOTm Replicator runs the same test case on multiple mobile devices real-time.

BOTm Script Editor parametrizes test scripts and runs multiple test scenarios.

Regression Suite adapts to specific testing requirements by combining test scripts.

Similarly, Appium Integrators, Device Performance Monitoring, Video Recording and user-friendly Dashboards, between them, ensure heightened accuracy and compacted timelines.

All of which results in smart capture of insights and analysis, ramping up productivity 5x, leading to faster go-to-market. Another advantage is an entire farm of real devices to choose from, allowing real time cloud access to multiple mobile models. BOTm’s inbuilt AI & ML empowered platform means programmers and coders are no longer a necessity. What you get are full stack testers who are getting the job done faster and with far greater accuracy.