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Asus Exclusive Store inaugurated in Jammu

March 2021: Team of Asus led by Ashish Mahajan inaugurated a new store Asus Exclusive store in Jammu with Cost 2 Cost Computers on 13th March, 2021. This store has been opened at the most possible posh location of Jammu with a vision to cater to the growing gaming needs in the city. Cost 2 Cost Computers is a very old consumer electronics partner based out of Jammu and has a big store in Jammu. Store owner and Director of Cost 2 Cost Computers Harjot Singh said “We are delighted to announce the opening of our new store in Jammu with Asus. We are very hopeful of the fruitful response from this store as gaming industry is growing worldwide and we all know how ASUS has evolved as the no.1 choice of gamers in the surroundings.”

Located opposite the main Gurudwara in Jammu, this store is all ready to capture the market of Jammu with full support of Asus Team including Vishal and Ricky Gupta led by Ashish Mahajan.