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ASUS Announces Collaboration with Innodisk for Improved IoT Infrastructure Management

New PE200U and PE200S edge computers provide full-featured IoT infrastructure management solutions powered by ASUS IoT Cloud Console and Innodisk InnoAGE


  • Ongoing partnership: Collaboration provides users reliable edge computers that avoid IoT downtime and cost overruns with secure out-of-band signaling
  • ASUS PE200U and PE200S: Edge computers deliver 24/7 stability and reliability, and offer a TCO-optimized solution for users’ AIoT computing needs
  • ASUS IoT Cloud Console: Unified platform enables management and analysis of big data collected by IoT devices running different operating systems

Mumbai, India, October 15, 2020 — ASUS today announced a collaboration between the ASUS IoT business unit and Innodisk on new models of the ASUS PE200U and PE200S edge computers featuring InnoAGE SSD, Innodisk’s out-of-band management-enabled flash storage solution. When used with the ASUS IoT Cloud Console unified management platform, ASUS PE200U and PE200S support both in-band and out-of-band management, enabling users to run reliable and secure IoT infrastructure with no downtime or cost overruns.

“The partnership between ASUS and Innodisk represents a significant step forward for edge computing,” said Jackie Hsu, ASUS Senior Vice President and Co-Head of the Open Platform and AIoT Business Groups. “The power and flexibility of ASUS IoT Cloud Console combined with the out-of-band management capabilities of InnoAGE makes maintaining a reliable AIoT infrastructure easier than ever.”

“ASUS is a key partner in Innodisk’s mission to build an intelligent world, and we are excited about the tremendous value our partnership brings to customers,” said Innodisk President Randy Chien. “With the intelligent InnoAGE SSD from Innodisk and leading IoT technology from ASUS, we are bringing the future of IoT to clients worldwide.”

Common problems with IoT infrastructures

In systems with many IoT devices, it can be difficult to carry out maintenance and avoid device downtime. Devices are often installed in places that are hard to access physically, such as in wind turbines, factory pollution monitoring systems and outdoor digital signage applications, so they cannot be repaired or updated on the spot. According to Gartner, as much as 80% of IT costs are incurred after the initial purchase, with downtime and maintenance ranking as the biggest source of expenditures. ASUS IoT Cloud Console is designed to help mitigate these concerns.

ASUS IoT Cloud Console

ASUS IoT Cloud Console (AICC) is a unified platform for managing and analyzing big data collected by IoT devices running different operating systems. With an intuitive user interface advanced data-encryption technology and Innodisk iSMART, AICC enables users to collect and analyze comprehensive information in a variety of smart-technology sectors, such as transportation, retail and farming, to assist them in making the best decisions at the right times to seize business opportunities.

Enhanced out-of-band management powered by Innodisk InnoAGE

ASUS and Innodisk have partnered to develop a new InnoAGE SSD-powered ASUS PE200U and PE200S edge computer that is designed to help reduce labor and costs in AIoT applications. SSDs are increasingly dominant in responsive industrial storage, due to their unbeatable blend of speed, low power consumption, small size, and low maintenance. InnoAGE SSD is Innodisk’s out-of-band management-enabled flash storage solution, equipped with Microsoft Azure Sphere. InnoAGE enables multifunctional management, timely maintenance, smart data analysis and firmware updates, data security and remote control through the cloud.