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ASUS Announces All-New ExpertBook B5 Models

January 5, 2022 ASUS today announced two new additions to the ultralight, kilogram-class ExpertBook laptop B5 series – ExpertBook B5 (B5402C) and ExpertBook B5 Flip (B5402F).
Available in both traditional clamshell and 360° convertible forms for the ultimate in portability, flexibility and clarity, the new ExpertBook B5 models feature expansive 14-inch displays to complement the existing popular 13-inch ExpertBook B5 models, delivering a comprehensive lineup for business.
The new 14-inch ExpertBook B5 and B5 Flip laptops feature a precision-crafted and minimalist chassis that pushes the limits of lightness. Both the top and bottom covers are cut from pure aluminum, while the area around the keyboard is formed using magnesium-aluminum alloy. The premium materials and careful construction keep the weight down to as little as a feather-light 1.25 kg, while ensuring that the machines are ready for the rigors of everyday use in the office or on the go.

Packed with power: Up to Intel Core i7, Iris Xe graphics, 48 GB RAM, WiFi 6E and dual 2 TB SSD

ExpertBook B5 and B5 Flip are primed to perform, with an up to Intel® Core™ i7 processor with Iris® Xe graphics, 48 GB RAM and WiFi 6E — ensuring quick and responsive computing, superb graphical performance and ultrafast wireless networking. They also feature two SSDs to provide up to 2 TB capacity and extreme-speed data reads and writes. These drives also support RAID 0/1 technology for faster operation or improved data reliability.

No-compromise connectivity: Thunderbolt 4, microSD, Ethernet and HDMI

These latest ExpertBook B5 models are loaded with I/O ports to ensure seamless connectivity with a wide variety of both modern and legacy devices.

Each model includes cutting-edge Thunderbolt™ 4 with support for the next-level USB4 interface, 40 Gbps data transfer speeds, triple 4K display output and fast charging, plus a microSD card reader, Ethernet port, USB Type-A and an HDMI® output. There’s even an integrated RJ45 Ethernet port, with a unique MAC address for easy device management.

Vivid, versatile display: Anti-glare coating, plus touch-sensitive, 360°-flippable option

The 14-inch displays on ExpertBook B5 and B5 Flip offer expansive viewing for glorious visuals and efficient productivity.

The screens are bright, clear and vivid, and finished with an anti-glare coating to prevent distracting reflections — helping the user stay focused on their work. B5 Flip’s screen is touch-sensitive and supports both finger and stylus input to suit any need. An optional garaged stylus is always within reach, with only a 15-second charge providing enough power for 45 minutes of use.

As its name suggests, ExpertBook B5 Flip has a 360° flippable hinge, enabling it to be used in various ways — including both tent and tablet modes. This makes it ideal for instant collaboration, or for sharing content or presentations.

Everyday efficiency and security: AI Noise Cancelation, NumberPad, fingerprint sensor and more

When it’s time for work, both B5 and B5 Flip empower the user to excel, with a range of features to enhance both productivity and security. Each model is ready for professional conferencing, with a shortcut key to activate the two-way, AI-powered noise-canceling microphone, a feature that employs sophisticated machine-learning techniques to ensure crystal-clear communications. The technology includes both an upstream function to filter noise around the speaker, and a downstream function to eliminate noise from the person at the other end of the conversation.
ASUS NumberPad is also optional with either ExpertBook B5 or B5 Flip. This is an LED-illuminated numeric keypad that’s perfect for crunching numbers. Clever software allows the mouse pointer to be controlled even when NumberPad is activated.
Business security is another core aspect of the new ExpertBook B5 models. They benefit from robust security features to ensure that confidential and private data does not leak out. An integrated fingerprint sensor, an IR camera for face login, a physical webcam shield and an optional TPM 2.0 chip keep attackers away from private data. There’s even an integrated Kensington lock slot, making them quick and easy to secure.

Built to endure: Ready for extreme conditions, and proven to meet U.S. military standards

Life on the road is tough, so the new ExpertBook B5 and B5 Flip models are designed to meet and surpass exacting industry thresholds — including the ultra-demanding MIL-STD 810H U.S. military standard. This means they’re built to survive every extreme, from freezing temperatures to the searing heat of deserts, and high-speed shocks as well as everyday bumps. They also undergo stringent in-house testing, including panel-pressure, shock and drop tests for an assurance of serious durability. Even the keyboard is resilient, engineered to resist everyday spills and splashes.