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AOC announces V5 series monitors

AOC’s V5 monitors have Full HD and QHD resolutions ranging from 24″/60.4 cm to 27″/68.6 cm. USB-C connectivity with 65W Power Delivery.

Display specialist AOC proudly announces the new V5 series monitors, perfect for home users or students wanting to upgrade their home office screen in style: The 3-sides borderless V5 models offer a thin, sleek display with a minimal footprint and advanced features such as USB-C connectivity with 65W Power Delivery. Featuring Full HD and QHD resolutions and ranging from 24”/60.4 cm (24V5C, 24V5CE) to 27”/68.6 cm (27V5C, 27V5CE, Q27V5C) as well as all the way up to 31.5”/80 cm Q32V5CE. The first six models of the V5 series will be available from July 2022.

In a world where work from home practices are here to stay, many have accepted that working with a limited laptop screen is neither healthy nor comfortable. Which has made a dedicated workspace with a monitor and keyboard/mouse a staple in many homes. But a stylish home environment suffers from a bulky monitor and cable clutter – compromising any interior design and wellbeing aspects.

Now, the V5 series is here to spruce up any home office setup. The look of the V5 series is eye-catching yet as unpretentious as possible: It comes in black featuring a 3-sides borderless design with a very narrow chin at the bottom bezel, and a super-thin base (12.1 mm), including height-adjustable (V5C) or more simpler stand options (V5CE) with tilt functionality. The V5C models offer swivel, tilt, pivot (90°) and 130 mm height adjustment for an ergonomic use in either work or entertainment settings.

V for Versatile
Versatility is at the core of the V5 series: All models feature a 4-port USB 3.2 hub and a USB-C connector with 65W Power Delivery. Students taking their tablets/laptops home, or flexible WFH users bringing their laptop home to carry on working at their desks, can simply connect their devices to extend/mirror their display to their monitors with a single USB-C cable. The USB-C connection will also power/charge the device while simultaneously transferring the display signal and offering access to other devices on the built-in USB hub.

The trustworthy DNA of AOC’s display expertise is of course present in the V5 series. Wide gamut (with 120% sRGB or above, 90% DCI-P3 or above) and colour-accurate IPS (for 24” and 27”) or VA panels (for 32”) bring images to life with popping colours, vivid hues and natural shades. Their 75 Hz refresh rate outshines the 60 Hz of regular office models, whilst a snappy 4 ms GtG response time, as well as AMD FreeSync support make the V5 series viable for casual after-hour gaming sessions. The built-in speakers (3Wx2, and 5Wx2 for the Q32V5CE) and headphone jack round off the package for any entertainment purpose.
Equipped with IPS panels at Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, the compact 24” 24V5C and 24V5CE models can easily fit on even the smallest desk.

In the 27” size bracket, AOC also offers three models with IPS panels, the Full HD models 27V5C and 27V5CE, or the Q27V5C with QHD (2560×1440) resolution. Today’s sweet spot in terms of size and resolution, the Q27V5C offers a step up in sharpness and clarity, offering better screen real estate.
As the largest model of the series, the Q32V5CE offers a 3-sides frameless, 31.5” VA panel with QHD (2560×1440) resolution. Covering a large percent of the user’s field of vision with only a small footprint, the Q32V5CE suits users who need a lot of screen real estate in a tight space. The stand of the Q32V5CE offers tilt adjustment of -5/23°, but also supports the VESA mount option like the rest of the models enabling the use of monitor arms. With a punchy 3000:1 contrast ratio thanks to its VA panel, watching movies from streaming services, or having an occasional gaming session on this large display will become a pleasurable pastime for many after the work is done.