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ALOGIC Launched world’s first 3in1 Docking Station in India

Dock Wave is combination of USB-C Dock + Powerbank + Wireless Charger

India, Nov 2021 – With evolving technology and businesses opting for multi-function devices with the option of portability, the real-life usage of compact gadgets has increased drastically, many professionals are inclining towards carrying a single gadget as opposed to multiple devices when they are on the go. Work from home has fuelled the demand for Docking Stations considering its multi-port characteristic and possibility to extend their laptop screen to external displays or compatible TV. ALOGIC’s latest offering is trying to solve the predicament by providing 3 independent functionalities in one device, ‘Dock Wave’. It will not only satisfy dock requirements for work from home setup, but it is also an ultimate device that can be used when you are out, working on the go. The Product merges the functionality of the Dock, Power Bank and Wireless Charger in one. Yes, an individual can carry a dock, power bank and wireless charger separately but it will also add up to the weight and cost of 3 different products.

The elegant looking ULDWAV-SGR aka Dock Wave is the first of its kind, a 3-in-1 solution and the perfect travel companion. It expands on the conventional USB-C dock design by adding wireless charging and a built-in 5,000mAh power bank. Dock Wave is a well thought and practically engineered product, The connectors, buttons, and LED indicators are strategically located to lessen interference with cables and the wireless Qi charging pad. The LED indicators can be easily monitored and represent both the battery level and wireless Qi charging status. The dock features four LED indicators which represent 25% battery power increments while a fifth LED light indicates the wireless charger status. The Qi logo on the wireless charging pad acts as a visual guide for the optimal placement of your device over the wireless charging coil.

While we talk about Dock Connectivity, it offers 4K HDMI output for external displays, SD and micro SD card readers for convenient data transfer, dual-port USB 3.0 (USB-A) and a USB-C port for pass-through power delivery for charging your laptop at 60W. The all-in-one functionality of the USB-C Dock Wave helps to remove clutter from any environment. With an inbuilt wireless charger, power bank and six essential connectivity ports the need for additional cables or adapters is significantly reduced.

Upon this versatile device launch, ALOGIC’s Spokesperson said “When we considered about launching dock wave in India, we wanted to make sure that user can fully utilize its potential and have a seamless experience, we have seen a huge positive response from travelling photographer, commuting professionals and freelancing community worldwide for this dock, the dock helps the enthusiast to carry all essentials with them while reducing the burden of extra weight to carry around, and after studying Indian market, we are hoping that dock wave would be able to solve customers requirement in India as well.”

Price and availability: 9,990 INR, https://alogic.co/in/usb-c-dock-wave-all-in-one-usb-c-hub-with-power-delivery-power-bank-wireless-charger.html#231=497

*Also available on Amazon (ALOGIC Dock Wave) and Other Retail Markets.