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ALOGIC Launched Sturdy and Compact 32W GaN Charger in India

WCG2X32-IND is a 32W 2 Port USB-C + USB-A Power Delivery Wall Charger

India, March 2022 An increase in smart gadgets has boosted the usage of multiple devices per user, giving rise to the necessity of maintaining different power adapters to keep all those devices charged. The charger for your MacBook Air would be quite different from the charger for your iPad or iPhone and carrying them all will add weight and occupy a fair portion of your bag. To tackle this dilemma of multiple chargers, ALOGIC a leading manufacturer of a premium range of IT peripherals based out of Australia has introduced its 32W GaN wall charger in India.

Premium and clean looking WCG2X32-IND is a perfect Dual Port GaN (Gallium Nitride) powered wall charger for your daily use, GaN helps in delivering great power output to your device in a compact size without overheating the charger. This wall charger comes with a 30W Power Delivery functionality that can seamlessly charge your MacBook Air (and other devices with 30W power input), likewise, you can simultaneously charge both your iPad and iPhone at once via it’s USB-C and USB-A ports, thanks to its smart power detection technology that can split the power usage as per device necessity allowing them to power-up at fastest permissible speed. 2X32 USB-C port supports charging range of 20-30W power delivery and USB-A port supports charging range of 12-18W fast charging.

ALOGIC’s 32W GaN charger is BIS Certified power adapter, meeting all Indian safety standards and equipped with temperature control, voltage protection, short circuit protection with future proof safety features. Thanks to its well-thought engineering 2X32 emit less heat compared to a traditional charger making it more pleasant to use across a wide range of smartphones, tablets, USB-C PD laptops and more.

Price and availability: 3,490 INR