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Alienware Explores the Evolution of eGPUs with Concept Polaris

he Alienware community may remember when we launched the Alienware Graphics Amplifier in 2014. This was our take on the Gaming eGPU (external Graphics Processing Unit). It was praised for its performance enhancing feature set and helped gamers take their laptop’s graphics performance to previously unreachable levels.

As the needs of the gaming community evolve and change, we constantly look at how to bring unique experiences and take performance to the next level. This can lead to net new innovations and the exploration of different product categories, or it can even rewrite the definition of an existing solution. We believe Concept Polaris is the latter. Concepts like this are just one of the many ways we develop, test and refine features and solutions. It’s how we push the boundaries for the performance-driven enthusiast as we think about the future.

Concept Polaris takes everything we learned about the Alienware Graphics Amplifier from our teams, customers and our community to improve upon that past innovation. When designing this concept, we first defined who we were building this for: the core Alienware customer. A performance-driven enthusiast. We also saw a lot of cross functionality for gaming creators that would benefit from desktop level graphics in their mobile gaming solutions. And finally, we were conscious of where and how people are gaming now, knowing that working from home has transformed the real estate of the battle station set up.