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5 Major Features of Windows 11

Will it succeed where Windows 10’s failed?

Microsoft is officially establishing the headline for the following announcement of Windows now: Windows 11. After moons of teases, hints of the number 11, and a giant Windows 11 leak, Microsoft’s latest OS (Operating System) is official. The clear focus for Windows 11 is a simplifying of the Windows user interface, an innovative Windows store, and enhancements of multitasking and performance. The latest Windows 11 also include advanced assistance by operating Android apps for the very first time.

A lot of the UI work that went into Windows 10 appears in Windows 11. The primary thing you’ll notify about Windows 11 is that it introduced a brand-new Start Menu and a renewed Start button that is both centred on the taskbar. This UI is comparable to what we first saw in Windows 10X, a project planned initially for dual-screen devices that Microsoft ultimately cancelled.

1. Triumph in Design

Windows 11 marks Evolution on Visuals. Microsoft has developed a design style besides Fluent, which devise a humanistic, universal design and exactly seems like Windows.

The Principles of Design explained below:-


Windows 11 is more active and more spontaneous. It’s easy to do what you want, with focus and accuracy.


Windows 11 is malleable and soft; it hushes into the background to keep you calm and focused. As a result, the experience feels warm, light and approachable.

User Friendly

Windows 11 supports a new, renewed flash and feel with the familiarity of Windows. There is neither lore curve; we can simply pick it up and go.

Complete + Coherent

Windows 11 offers a visually seamless experience across platforms. We can operate in multiple platforms and still have a steady Windows experience.

2. Launching a New Microsoft Store

As we all know, Microsoft launches Microsoft Store in both Windows 11 and Windows 10. It will ease your discovery and install the best apps, games, movies, and exclusive offers – Xbox Game Pass members and even a unique movie discount. In addition, all the content in the Microsoft Store examined for security, family safety and device adaptability. Microsoft gave some app publicists an early look at their plans to share that various valuable apps, including Adobe Creative CloudDisney+TikTok, Zoom, and some of their apps like Microsoft TeamsVisual Studio, and even Notepad and Paint will be coming to the Microsoft Store on Windows.

3. Firmly Woven Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams were firmly woven into the upcoming Windows 11 update. Throughout its preview of the latest version of Windows, Microsoft’s Panos Panay detailed how it will be smoother and more agile to perform and join Teams gatherings. This app will get ideal placement on the Windows 11 Start menu, and it will be entirely integrated according to the system. So we can mute or unmute ourselves from the taskbar.

4. Means for Gamers

Microsoft added the imminent upgrade, which is previously available on the Xbox. It introduces Auto HDR, and Direct Storage. They are two innovations arriving in Windows 11 to improve how PCs handle gaming, and both are primarily originated on the Xbox Series console. With Auto HDR, Windows will perform securely to turn on the high dynamic range if it holds it to become the best visual experience. Microsoft does have a preview of Auto HDR ready for Windows 10.

5. Upcoming Laptop of Asus, Dell and HP Introduce Window 11

Microsoft has officially announced Windows 11 and Brands like Asus, Dell and HP. The latest OS from Microsoft comes with the inquisition of compatibility what laptops will support Windows 11 and which one’s won’t. Companies like HP, Dell, and Asus have validated which of their laptops will support Windows 11. While HP and Dell have said that most of their now exporting machines will be Windows 11 compatible.

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